Workbench Explorer 1.8 build 6250 released

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Workbench Explorer 1.8 build 6250 released

Post by mritter0 » Thu Mar 01, 2018 5:37 pm

###### [1.8 build 6250] - 2018-03-01
### Added
- Images to some sub-menu items.
- To all menus, Paste to -> Tabs. Use as a short cut to paste to an open
tab without switching to it first.
- Support for Enhancer Pack's ClipViewer history.
- Better error reporting for Duplicate File Finder.
- Check if archive is already an LhA archive before trying to convert it.
- Image depth to "Download cover art" preview.
- "Convert image..." Now shows a preview of the image.
- "Convert image..." "Preserve aspect ratio" checkbox.

### Fixed
- When at OS4Depot or Aminet Recent/Full, the Preview Pane is no longer
cleared when downloading a file.
- Preview image didn't always show the image dimensions.
- Some repeated incorrect Duplicate File Finder texts.
- Large bug when "Copy/Move, but keep both" and "Copy/Move, but rename as".
The destination path was not being set correctly.

### Changed
- Aminet Recent, Content view style, Version -> Category. Aminet does supply
the version like OS4Depot does.
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