Workbench Explorer v1.3 Build 2800 released

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Workbench Explorer v1.3 Build 2800 released

Post by mritter0 » Wed Jun 28, 2017 5:51 pm

Download it from Aminet, OS4Depot, AmiUpdate, Amiga On The Lake, or most convenient and current: "Check latest version" from the Project menu.

###### [1.3 build 2800] - 2017-06-28
### Added
- Preferences->Datatypes category.
You can now select when to check what datatype a file is, or not at all.
- When scanning a drawer: check all files now when scanning a drawer.
- When select item in list: only once an item is clicked on.
- Never: never.
Also when scanning a drawer:
For images, if Dimensions column is not shown, then no further examination.
For music, if no MP3 columns are shown, then no further examination.
- Preferences->Appearance
- Custom striping background colors for main listbrowser.
- Some preset color schemes.
- Preferences->View style->Date format->Custom
Click on the calendar gadget to open a new window to build a custom date
format template.
- Status bar now shows image dimensions and song time.
- Tools menu->Make link...
Create a soft or hard link.

### Fixed
- When multiple copies are open, the Paste status was not being updated
across all copies.
- When removed a removable device (thumb drive) the current path was changed
- Bug when Cancel from Preferences, the toolbar became unresponsive.
- Devices that are not active yet are skipped when scanning for devices and
not mounted anymore.
- Workbench items now show protection bits.
- Bug in deleting links was showing wrong name for destination object.
- Changing column widths would revert back to previous size.
- Top row was not being set correctly when switch between tabs.
- Hard links now show correct destination path/item.
- Workbench volumes now show total size.
- Some default strings were showing garbage text.

### Changed
- Details pane can be made a little bit shorter.
- Tab close image. More traditional and slightly bigger.
- Preferences->Appearance "Color" to "Text".
- Preferences->View style rearranged 3 boxes.
- Links are now shown as Soft/Hard Link, not what the destination object is.

### Removed
- Preferences->Appearance->Enable striping effect
Now done with Background color 1 and 2.
Workbench Explorer - A better way to browse drawers

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